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Welcome to CHEEMONOS!

The First Cheems on the Cronos Chain with a own Ecosystem!

Founded for all peoples who do not support Bsc anymore.

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Strong Community

Through organic growth, we have built a very strong community. That’s exactly why the team will always surprise with new things. Join us!

Growth through development

Through constant further development, we will build a big player on the Cronos Chain. There is a lot planned for the future.

First Merch Marketplace on Cro

We will Setup a Merch Marketplace for our community. In this Marketplace you can buy merchandise from Cheemonos with Cro and other cryptos.

  • Buy
  • Whitepaper
  • Chart
  • Marketplace


„Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.“

Glad you found us. This token will set new standards and take CroChain to another level. The team is working on several things that have not been done before

Buy in now and you won’t regret it.


You want to see all information about Cheemonos at a glance?

No problem. We have created a whitepaper PDF to show you what plans we have.

You will quickly realize that we are only at the beginning!


„If you cant Hold you wont be Rich.“

Click on the button and view the chart. We always recommend to buy on the dips. This way the smart buyers always profit.

Lets go!


„Who thought back then that Bored Ape Yacht Club would be so big?.“

You feel like shopping?

Browse through and with a little luck find your rare Cheemonos NFT!

Have fun πŸ™‚


Big Calls – Who coming next? πŸ”₯


First Phase βœ…

Logo Creation βœ…
Website Creation βœ…
Contract Creation βœ…
Launch token on Cronos βœ…
Community Building βœ…
Whitepaper Creation βœ…


Second Phase

Get Callers βœ…
Get Twitter Influencer βœ…
Website Rebranding βœ…
First Cheemonos NFT Collectionβœ…
Own Ecosystem (process)
Release Crypto Merch Marketplace


Moon Phase

Certik Audit
Exchange Listing
Charity Fund

Enterprise Phase

Massive Community
Play to Earn Game
Partnerships with big Youtuber
Real Payment Usecases
Own Bridge from BSC to Cro
Own Youtube/Spotify Songs
Elon Call
New Shiba Inu!

4% Marketing

For Marketingwallet

4% LP

For Liquidation Pool

3% Buyback

For Buyback Wallet

11% Total

Per Transaction


Max TX 1.5%


We are Different!

Safety First!

This market is unfortunately full of pump & dumps. That’s why we are transparent and want to create real added value for investors.

The team has decided to lure the liquidation for 1 year! This is our proof of confidence that we believe in this project and in the community.

Most have come to Cronos Chain from BSC because of this.

Here is the link for the lock status.


Frequently Asked Questions

All questions that were often asked in the past at a glance.

If your individual question was not answered, join our Telegram channel and ask the admins.

We are always active for the community.


Why was the token launched on the Cronos Chain?

We deliberately launched Cheemonos on Cronos because BSC is very much spread with Jeets and Seller.

We want to make this project big in the long run and that’s why the Cronos Chain is exactly the right place for us.


How can I swap my Bnb into Cro tokens?

First you need to connect your Metamask/Trustwallet to https://app.elk.finance/#/swap. There you buy the Elk token with your Bnb and the Bsc Network.

Then click on ElkNet: https://app.elk.finance/#/elknet and swap the Elk tokens to the Cronos chain.

Then you add the following network to your wallet:

Network Name: Cronos
New RPC URL: https://evm-cronos.crypto.org
ChainID: 25
Symbol: CRO
Block Explorer URL: https://cronos.crypto.org/explorer/

Then your Elk tokens should be on the Cro network. After that, you also buy Cro tokens through Elk.

(Here is a video for the whole process).

Once you have them you can immediately buy Cheemonos here: Buy Cheemonos

What is a Slippage and how high it is?

Slippage is often confused with fees. But this is not true.

A slippage can be 49% and still you do not pay more than if you have for example 20% slippage.

The slippage is only there to guarantee the purchase of large volumes. If the token quickly increases by 25% while you want to buy, you will be rejected with a 20% slippage.

For normal volume we recommend 15-20%.

What are tokenomics?

πŸ“Š Max Wallet 3%
πŸ“Š Max Tx 1.5%
πŸ“Š 4% Marketing
πŸ“Š 4% Lp
πŸ“Š 3% Buy Back
πŸ”₯ 1% Burned FOREVER

11% per Transaction

Why should I buy Cheemonos?

We leave everyone the free decision to buy something or not. However, we list a few advantages:

– LP 1 year locked!
– Experienced team
– Strong community
– Callers on board
– Next level website
– Long term project
– Own Marketplace
-Continuous development -Low fees

This is only a fraction of the positive things. For more, check out our roadmap or read our whitepaper.

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